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Beauty Art™ 400 Spraybrush™

Beauty Art 400 Spraybrush

The Dinair Beauty Art delivers the makeup in a veil of mist on to your skin. It has a makeup cup where the Aircolor™ makeup is put in. It's design contours to your hand to make holding it very comfortable. The makeup is then introduced into the airflow by pulling the makeup lever back slightly. It can be dipped in water, just covering the color cup between uses. This makeup tool is light weight and easy to use. It connects to the airsource with a light weight hose.

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Body Art™ 3000 Spraybrush™

Body Art 3000 Spraybrush

The Dinair 3000 airspray brush is designed to have the 1 oz. Dinair® makeup bottle attached directly to the spray brush. The brush draws the makeup directly out of the makeup bottle and is perfect for body art where big areas of skin or hair are to be sprayed. It is an easy choice to use with Beauty Art Kits to create instant sun tans or with Body Art Kits to create theatrical FX. The 3000 is also used in the Dinair Theme Park Systems, commercial entertainment makeup systems for parties, charities, and events.

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